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Let’s Talk Tulsi

This week we are pleased to bring you information about our organic Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum). This herb is all the rage in ayurvedic circles, and has sparked considerable interest among our customers. It was by far the most inquired-about herb over the past six months. Please read on to learn more.

Cut and Sifted Rama Tulsi

Rama Tulsi Cut and Sifted

Tulsi, Goddess at the Door

Tulsi is an enigmatic plant with a history as old as mythology itself. Originally from South Asia, many devout Hindus have a Tulsi plant growing outside their front door. This commemorates the rejection the goddess Lakshmi suffered from the god Vishnu. In despondency over her unrequited love, Lakshmi turned herself into a healing herb just outside Vishnu’s door.

To this day Tulsi is believed to be a physical incarnation of the goddess and is prayed to each morning to ensure the health of friends and family. Tulsi is so revered that it is placed on the lips of the dying to give them sustenance in their transition to the next life. This sacred plant is sometimes called “Holy Basil” in English, or by the royal moniker, “Queen of the Herbs.”

Modern Uses of Tulsi

Tulsi is most commonly consumed as an herbal tea, though it is also used in  cooking. Cooks in

Vana Tulsi TBC

Vana Tulsi TBC

Thailand have used the herb in their dishes for hundreds of years, calling it Kraphao, or “Thai Holy Basil.” There are three varieties of Tulsi: Vana, Rama, and Vishnu each named after a Hindu deity. Each variety has its own distinctive color and unique flavor profile.

QTrade offers all three Tulsi varieties as well as a lovely house blend “Organic Rosewater Tulsi” that mixes organic Tulsi and rose petals with other herbs for fantastic flavor.

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