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QTrade Teas & Herbs provides specialty teas, herbs, spices, custom blending, product development, and private label services to businesses all over the world. We are the largest importer of organic teas in North America, with an expanding selection of flowers, fruits, and berries. (949) 766-0070 www.qtradeteas.com

The US Tea Market Experiences Unprecedented Growth

The US consumed more tea in 2010 than the UK. RTD and iced tea lead the way into the largest quantity of tea ever imported into the US.

This reality is clearly seen in the average grocery store where bottled sodas have begun to cede their shelf space to RTD teas like Arizona, Lipton and Honest Tea. QTrade employees noticed this weekend that roughly a 3rd of the beverage aisle at a local Ralph’s grocery store was all RTD.

Iced teas are doing extremely well also. Though restaurants are raising their prices on other beverage items, tea remains the most profitable after beer.

Market for iced tea, fresh-brewed or bottled, explodes in U.S. – NorthJersey.com.

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