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Why is My Iced Tea Cloudy?

This question has confounded tea retailers, homemakers and scientists alike for generations.  With the recent growth in Ready-To-Drink bottled iced tea this has become an increasingly relevant issue.  A recent article shares some insight into this perplexing question.

Clear Assam Tea (Left) vs. Cloudy Assam Tea (Right)

The “Whole Leaf” column in the July 2011  issue of Fresh Cup Magazine features an article written by a QTrade staff member on the topic of iced tea clouding. This article will also appear in the August edition of Tea and Coffee Trade journal and the September/October edition of Tea in Texas Magazine.

The article covers the history of iced tea marketing, the two major causes of clouding, and  practical steps tea retailers can take to educate customers and avoid clouding in the first place. It also describes in detail some recent tests we’ve conducted here at QTrade Teas & Herbs to determine the relationship between a tea’s origin and the likelihood that it will cloud. Follow this link to read the article online.  If you are curious to learn more about tea or the tea industry you might want to check out our Tea Basics page for a general overview of the industry.

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