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A Closer Look at Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle C/S

We are pleased to bring you information this week on Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) as a continuation of our series of articles on herbs and spices. This herb is a phenomenal ingredient in our tea blends and is respected by high class chefs in the culinary world as well. It was introduced into the US market by our founder, Manik Jayakumar, and has seen steady growth and interest ever since.

History of the Herb

Lemon Myrtle has only been known to the West since 1850 when the native Australian plant was named for British botanist and Quaker missionary James Backhouse (Backhousia citriodora).

Prior to this it was only appreciated by the indigenous peoples of Australia who used it as a culinary seasoning and an herbal medicine. The common name is derived from the strong lemon-like scent that the leaves and stem give off when crushed.

To this day Lemon Myrtle continues to be cultivated almost exclusively in the province of Queensland in North Eastern Australia. Small quantities are also grown in China and Southeast Asia for medicinal uses, but these only satisfy small niche markets within those countries.

Queensland Australia

A Nice Citrus

The last twenty years has seen increasing interest in Lemon Myrtle among Australian celebrity chefs.  Benjamin Christie and Vic Cherikoff are  known for  using it along with other native Australian herbs and spices, a phenomenon known as “bush tucker.” Because the herb carries a strong citrus-like flavor without any acidity it is frequently used to flavor fish, pastas, dairy-based dishes, and various deserts.

Of course, here at QTrade, we love to incorporate Lemon Myrtle into our tea blends. We have created dozens of herbal tea varieties which feature this useful plant as one of the main ingredients. Our most popular Lemon Myrtle concoction is our “Lemonade Blend.” We carry Organic and Nonorganic Lemon Myrtle in CS and TBC cuts.

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3 Comments on “A Closer Look at Lemon Myrtle”

  1. Louise Carruth September 22, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

    always love your info about herbs. Very informative

    • QTrade Teas and Herbs September 22, 2011 at 7:11 pm #

      Thanks so much Louise! We’ve got plenty more on the way. What herbs would you like to learn more about?


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