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QTrade Teas & Herbs provides specialty teas, herbs, spices, custom blending, product development, and private label services to businesses all over the world. We are the largest importer of organic teas in North America, with an expanding selection of flowers, fruits, and berries. (949) 766-0070 www.qtradeteas.com

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea -The Teaze Infuser Experience

Loose leaf tea has been exploding in popularity over recent years. Along with this growth has come an increasing demand for a product that can brew high quality tea with speed and simplicity. We believe that this product  has arrived.

An Inconvenient Truth

The reality of the North American tea industry is that customers prefer convenience over any other quality. Ever since a tea salesman first noticed the samples he sent could be brewed inside their silk pouches, Americans have associated their tea with tea bags. In order for tea bags to steep properly, smaller grade tea cuts had to be used, and lower quality infusions resulted.

Fortunately, there has been a significant upswing in loose-leaf tea interest in recent years. Forecasters predict that the tea company which finds the most convenient ways to present loose-leaf tea to the general public will win the day.

What Makes the Teaze Different?

First, is the presentation. If you haven’t had a chance to see this over-the-cup infuser in person, you should request a sample. It is a fascinating way to serve tea, as it takes away the hassle associated with brewing loose-leaf in a way that is aesthetically enjoyable. You can watch the leaves agonize and unfurl their flavors right before your eyes.

Second, the Teaze Infuser is made from medical grade Eastman Tritan™ plastic and a stainless steel filter. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe. This thing is tough. No other infuser on the market is made from such high quality materials.

A Sight to Behold

We have never seen any other product that so perfectly compliments high quality loose-leaf tea drinking experience in all our years in this industry.

Every time we bring this product into a tea house or coffee shop people are amazed by it. This reinforces our belief that the Teaze Infuser is the ideal product for any retail tea or coffee establishment, finally bringing high quality loose-leaf teas to the average American consumer. We challenge you to take this product around your own business and see the reactions that it creates among customers and employees alike. Seeing it in action is enough to convince them to take one home.

Learn more about the Teaze Infuser at: www.TeazeInfuser.com or  contact us for pricing and additional information. As a reminder, QTrade does not sell any of its products directly to consumers, so you are never in danger of competing with us for customers.

Have you tried one of these at home or sold them at a retail location? We would love to hear about your experience. Please leave a comment below!

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16205 Distribution Way, Cerritos CA 90703 USA| www.TeazeInfuser.com

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