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QTrade Teas & Herbs provides specialty teas, herbs, spices, custom blending, product development, and private label services to businesses all over the world. We are the largest importer of organic teas in North America, with an expanding selection of flowers, fruits, and berries. (949) 766-0070 www.qtradeteas.com

QTrade Celebrates Fair Trade

In celebration of Fair Trade month, we thought we’d take a moment to talk about what Fair Trade means to us as a company and the tea industry as a whole. QTrade has carried Fair Trade certified products from the very beginning, and it is our goal to support and increase national awareness of the Fair Trade movement in any way we can.

What is Fair Trade?

Simply put, Fair Trade is a way of doing business that intentionally seeks to improve the lives of producers. A percentage of every Fair Trade purchase you make goes straight to the workers who grow, harvest, and process the tea you enjoy. These producers choose how the money is spent, whether on local healthcare projects, education for their children, or other means of improving their lives.

How Does it Work?

Whenever you purchase a Fair Trade Certified product a percentage of that money is passed from you directly back to the producers. This money is called a “Fair Trade Premium.” In order to qualify for the Fair Trade Premium the producers agree that they will offer employees a fair wage, not employ child labor, and give their workers collective-bargaining rights. The producers also agree that all decisions made on how to use the Fair Trade Funds are arrived at democratically.

These stipulations are audited regularly to ensure full compliance with the Fair Trade guidelines.

The majority of this footage was shot on Fair Trade Tea Plantaions

Why does it matter to us?

Many of QTrade’s employees started their tea careers in producing countries. We know firsthand the time and effort it takes to produce the finest tea in the world, so we consider it our duty to ensure that the workers who do so are fairly compensated for their work. We were one of the first companies in the tea industry to embrace the Fair Trade movement and we enthusiastically support its continued growth across all industries and consumer groups.

How to Get Involved in Fair Trade 

1)   Vote with your dollars. Request Fair Trade Tea at your local tea house or coffee shop. Be sure to tell them about QTrade when you do!

2)   Use this handy locator to find other Fair Trade products to buy.

3)   Join the campaign to make your city or University Fair Trade friendly.

4)   Contact us today to learn about how your business can carry Fair Trade products or how we can help your school qualify for the Fair Trade Universities Program.

For more recommendations on how you can celebrate Fair Trade month follow this link to Fair Trade USA’s website. We would love to answer any questions you have about Fair Trade and tea. Leave us a comment below!

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