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How to Make Your Campus Fair Trade

Fair Trade and Systemic Change

As the Fair Trade movement continues to grow, people are seeking innovative ways to bring the benefits of Fair Trade to more producers while increasing awareness at home.

Students in particular have begun to realize that their personal decision to purchase Fair Trade products as often as possible, while noble, is not sufficient to bring about the wide-spread change they desire. In order to see far-reaching change in developing nations, there must be systemic change in developed ones.

What is a Fair Trade University?

Fair Trade Universities are schools that have publicly committed to abide by Fair Trade principles and purchase Fair Trade products as often as possible.  These schools use Fair Trade items in their cafeterias, bookstores, and athletic equipment. They talk about Fair Trade openly and are conscious and intentional about how their decisions impact lives around the world. A university’s choice to support Fair Trade not only affects the immediate needs of the communities that they purchase from, it also broadcasts the message of Fair Trade to the students and community where the school is located, providing for exponential growth of the movement and impact for producers.

How can we make our campus Fair Trade?

There are five steps to becoming a Fair Trade University:

1. Have your school governing body form a Fair Trade Committee

2. Make Fair Trade products available in university-owned/operated outlets as well as included in service contracts as much as possible.

3. Use Fair Trade products at internal university meetings, events hosted by the university and in university offices.

4. Commit to Fair Trade education and raising awareness on campus and in the surrounding community.

5. Pass a Fair Trade Resolution and Fair Trade Procurement Policy through a campus-wide governing body

 How QTrade Can Help

QTrade Teas & Herbs is the largest supplier of Organic and Fair Trade Teas in North America. Our company was started by members of the communities that benefit from the Fair Trade movement. We remain committed doing everything in our means to care for the communities that produce the world’s finest tea.

With this in mind, QTrade has developed special programs for schools that are interested in becoming Fair Trade Universities. We can provide all of the hot and iced teas your campus needs as well as giving you hands-on information about how your school’s purchase of Fair Trade products impacts producing communities.

Our award-winning Fair Trade foodservice iced teas will provide your school’s dining services with everything they need to qualify as a Fair Trade school, while our hot teas are perfect for campus coffee shops and retail stores.

And these teas not only help change the world they also taste great!

Please contact us for more information about how we can help your school qualify to become a Fair Trade University.  One person’s choice to purchase Fair Trade products can help change the world. Imagine what an entire school can do.

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