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QTrade Teas & Herbs provides specialty teas, herbs, spices, custom blending, product development, and private label services to businesses all over the world. We are the largest importer of organic teas in North America, with an expanding selection of flowers, fruits, and berries. (949) 766-0070 www.qtradeteas.com

Industry Leader Blazes Trail for Premium Single Serve Tea

Los Angeles-based QTrade Teas & Herbs provides customized formulation services which enable beverage companies to add high quality single serve teas to their existing product lines.

QTrade Teas & Herbs’ customized product development service meets the demands of both traditional tea brands that want to enter the single serve field, as well as coffee and beverage companies seeking to complement their existing single serve menu with high quality teas. The potential for growth in this market is readily apparent. In 2011 alone herbal tea brand Celestial Seasonings saw their single serve business grow 162%, while Starbucks’ single serve products brought in $1.2 billion dollars in sales. Single serve coffees accounted for 40% of Dunkin’ Donuts same store sales increases in Q2 of 2012.

In spite of its rapid growth, the quality of the tea offered in single serve format is often described as poor, while equivalent single serve coffee products are described as moderate to good. With the barriers to entry lowered in this once exclusive field due to the expiration of Green Mountain Coffee’s K-Cup™ patents this September, the time is ripe for brands to develop better quality teas for customers concerned with convenience.

With years of experience creating award-winning, private label tea and herbal products, QTrade Teas & Herbs, the largest supplier of organic teas in North America, is uniquely positioned to help beverage companies take advantage of the unprecedented growth of the single serve market. Delicious blends created specifically for single serve such as “Lychee Oolong,” and “Coconut Green tea,” as well as perennial favorites like “Calming Chamomile,” “Southern Sweet Iced Tea,” and “Earl Grey de La Crème,” represent only a fraction of the potential for products in this arena. From concept, to pricing, to execution, QTrade is prepared to raise the quality, value, and selection of single-serve teas for companies wanting to enter the market.

Companies interested in expanding their brand into the single serve market through proprietary blending or product development projects should contact QTrade via info@qtradeteas.com or by calling (949) 766-0070.

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