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How Testing Labs Play Detective When Food Processing Goes Wrong

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Tea Basics 108: What is White Tea?

Once the purview of only the Chinese elite, white tea has become popular across a wide spectrum of tea drinkers. It is now gaining a following in the West as a healthy and unique variety of tea. With the higher echelons of white teas fetching some of the best price margins in the business, many […]

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QTrade Teas Acquires Kopius Teas to Expand Web Capabilities

QTrade Teas & Herbs, the largest organic tea supplier in the North America, will acquire Kopius Teas, a leading e-commerce provider of B2B bulk teas for retail businesses. Los Angeles, CA Since 2008 QTrade Teas & Herbs has partnered closely with Kopius Teas to exclusively manufacture, package, and market specialty teas for startup enterprises. QTrade focused on […]

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The Origins of Nepalese Tea

In many ways the tea industry in Nepal is only just beginning to realize its potential. Nepal has always been a reclusive country. Nestled against the Himalayas, it has, until very recently, resisted interference from and interaction with the rest of the world. Now through the expansion of its tea trade the world has begun […]

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Industry Leader Blazes Trail for Premium Single Serve Tea

Los Angeles-based QTrade Teas & Herbs provides customized formulation services which enable beverage companies to add high quality single serve teas to their existing product lines. QTrade Teas & Herbs’ customized product development service meets the demands of both traditional tea brands that want to enter the single serve field, as well as coffee and beverage companies […]

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The Origins of Ceylon Tea

History Ceylon tea traces its roots back to British colonial times, even the term “Ceylon” hearkens back to the British name for Sri Lanka. Tea was first introduced as a replacement crop for coffee, which was wiped out by blight in the mid 1800s. James Taylor is the man widely credited with developing the tea […]

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Tea & Human Health: Where are we?

Mona Verma is a Quality Control specialist at QTrade Teas & Herbs. With a background in microbiology, she recently attended the Symposium on Tea and Human Health in Washington DC. You can read more about the relationship between tea and health on our “Is Tea Healthy?” page.  Tea & Human Health: Where are we? B:y […]

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Lemon Grass – A Stirring Addition to Your Tisanes

Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citrates) is a well-known herb from Southeast Asia. It has been a staple in Thai cooking for some time, now it’s making its rounds as a flavorful ingredient in tisanes and tea blends. One of the beneficial properties of this herb is that it can contribute citrus-like lemon flavor to food or […]

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QTrade Teas Grand Opening July 16th

QTrade is thrilled to announce that the Grand Opening for our new building will be held July 16th at 11:30am. Click here to read the formal press release. City officials and members of the press will be on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony, tea-tasting session, and facility tour. QTrade’s expansion parallels the steady growth […]

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QTrade Teas & Herbs Foodservice Packing

This is a short introduction to our foodservice packaging options for hot and iced teas. It was shot at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. For more information on our hot or iced tea programs please visit

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