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The Origins of Nepalese Tea

In many ways the tea industry in Nepal is only just beginning to realize its potential. Nepal has always been a reclusive country. Nestled against the Himalayas, it has, until very recently, resisted interference from and interaction with the rest of the world. Now through the expansion of its tea trade the world has begun […]

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The Origins of Ceylon Tea

History Ceylon tea traces its roots back to British colonial times, even the term “Ceylon” hearkens back to the British name for Sri Lanka. Tea was first introduced as a replacement crop for coffee, which was wiped out by blight in the mid 1800s. James Taylor is the man widely credited with developing the tea […]

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Tea Basics 201: Professional Tea Tasting

The difference between tasting tea professionally and brewing tea at home comes down to one thing: volume. When you make a perfect cup of tea at home you are doing so for your own pleasure and enjoyment. When you are tasting tea professionally you are checking for quality and flavor on a much larger scale. […]

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China Site Visit: Tea Color Sorter

This is footage take from one of QTrade’s recent site visits to our producers in China. This machine takes the recently harvested tea leaves and separates the leaves from stalk or other foreign particles by color. If the machine detects anything other than tea leaves a blast of air will separate the foreign material from […]

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Why is My Iced Tea Cloudy?

This question has confounded tea retailers, homemakers and scientists alike for generations.  With the recent growth in Ready-To-Drink bottled iced tea this has become an increasingly relevant issue.  A recent article shares some insight into this perplexing question. The “Whole Leaf” column in the July 2011  issue of Fresh Cup Magazine features an article written […]

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