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Tea Basics 106: What is Green Tea?

Green tea is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the West because of its association with a healthy lifestyle. Green tea has been featured in more scientific studies related to the health benefits of tea than all the other four varieties combined. The cultural descendant of ancient Chinese and Japanese tea production practices, Green teas are uniquely […]

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Tea Basics 105: What is Black Tea?

What is black tea? Black tea is far and away the most popular variety of tea  in North America. There are several factors that contribute to its elevated status here, not least among them is the fact that most iced teas use black tea as a base. Over 80% of all tea consumed in North […]

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Tea Basics 104: Stages of Tea Production

All true teas (white, green, oolong, black, and pu’erh) come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The amount that the leaves are allowed to oxidize after they have been plucked is what distinguishes the varieties of tea from one another. The following are the basic steps of Orthodox tea production. Future posts will delve more […]

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QTrade Teas & Herbs Expands to Larger Facility

We are pleased to announce that QTrade Teas & Herbs is expanding to a new facility in Cerritos California in order to better serve our clients. The new building will allow QTrade to double its inventory capacity to 3.5 million lbs for specialty and organic teas, as well as herbs and spices. The move will […]

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Chamomile Tea: The Latin American Herbal Craze

Chamomile (also spelled camomile) is one of the better-known herbs in the Western world.  Even consumers who do not drink tea regularly are often aware of the folk remedies and potential health benefits of chamomile. Tisanes made with chamomile (called “chamomile tea,” or “manzanilla tea”) have been served throughout the West for centuries. The ancient […]

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QTrade Celebrates Fair Trade

In celebration of Fair Trade month, we thought we’d take a moment to talk about what Fair Trade means to us as a company and the tea industry as a whole. QTrade has carried Fair Trade certified products from the very beginning, and it is our goal to support and increase national awareness of the […]

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How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea -The Teaze Infuser Experience

Loose leaf tea has been exploding in popularity over recent years. Along with this growth has come an increasing demand for a product that can brew high quality tea with speed and simplicity. We believe that this product  has arrived. An Inconvenient Truth The reality of the North American tea industry is that customers prefer […]

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Tea Basics 201: Professional Tea Tasting

The difference between tasting tea professionally and brewing tea at home comes down to one thing: volume. When you make a perfect cup of tea at home you are doing so for your own pleasure and enjoyment. When you are tasting tea professionally you are checking for quality and flavor on a much larger scale. […]

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Pyramid Bags: The Evolution of Convenient Tea

We are pleased to bring you information this week on the pyramid tea bag, a product that is literally revolutionizing the way people drink specialty tea. Pyramid tea bags, (also called “sachet,” “nylon,” “silk,” or “Fuso” bags) have been steadily growing in popularity since they were first introduced to the North American market. The story […]

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Ever Wonder How Jasmine Pearl Tea is Made?

This video shows how Jasmine Pearl Tea is made. Hand rolled by workers in China. http://www.QTradeTeas.com | (949) 766-0070 | info@qtradeteas.com 16205 Distribution Way, Cerritos CA 90703 USA| http://www.TeazeInfuser.com

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